Friday, September 7, 2007

Egypt is a place full of rich history.

Hey everyone,

It is amazing here in Egypt. Today we have been to Abu Simbel to the Ramses Temples.
Currently Im in Aswan on the river Nile, I'm travelling with my mum and we are about to join our nile cruise today.
Yesterday was camel riding and a visit to a nubian village after an overnight train from Cairo.
I have been overwhelmed by the scale of the monuments seen so far. The Egyptian culture transverses such a long period of time. I feel priveleged to have experienced it here.
I would well recommend a trip here. The only down side as I have seen so far is that so many monuments and artefacts have been taken by foreign countries over the years. Its really time many of these were returned to their rightful locations.



Internet cafes are few and far between so I thought I would post a brief snippet today.
will post more of Germany, Paris and this Egypt trip when i get back up to the UK next week :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First up a trip to the East

Well in Berlin im staying in Kreuzberg - at a hostel Nick and Amina stayed at last year.
The hostel had stuffed up my booking - so my initial days here were a tad trying. At first I wasnt sure why the hostel was good - but i soon realised how central it was for travelling in Berlin.

On the Saturday I decided to go exploring the city and then do a walking tour.

No I'm not on the set of the Jetsons movie - despite the fact the East German side of Berlin - had that kind of feel. I actually like the spread out feel of the old east Berlin. But granted some things here are a bit run down and/or plain tacky.

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Hitting the Wall

Well on day one in Berlin I had to rest.

Rule when travelling - Don't go out with your friends from Madrid till 2am - when you have to get up at 5:30am to get to the airport on time for your flight.

Mental note to self - must remember above rule next time I go to Madrid.

I did however in true Una's style - go out for a schnitzel in Berlin - but i haven't yet seen the remains of the Berlin Wall.
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SPain was soooo good - it is sad to leave...

Spain has been an amazing adventure. Roughly two months here has been fantastic. The culture, the food, the music and entertainment, the people, and the overall lifestyle - this time was worth spending in this country.

I think i'm now realising that more than half my holiday is over - and im hitting the downhill run. :-(

Oh well - Ill be doing my best to make the most of my time away. Next stop is one night in madrid to pick up some luggage then its onwards to Germany - Berlin and Dresden.
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The architecure of this city makes it special to me

Barcelona is a city I love to wander around in. I like its scale, as it flows from the mountains to the sea. The weather is great and i think the only thing stopping me from living here is the barrier of needing to learn two languages Catalan and Spanish.

Ah well maybe one day ..... its good to have something to dream of...
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The view at the top of the axel hotel - where i stayed some of this week

There was always a good view from the rooftop of this hotel. I well recommend it.
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Enjoying all things spanish

My mate Bart is a teacher so he came along to Barcelona for a few days too. We found plenty of Spanish and Catalan culture to keep us busy - from Gaudi, to Sangria, rambling thrhough Las Ramblas and doing a day trip to Sitges.
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